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Earn Points for Stays

Earn Hotel Rewards Points at Hotels Across Canada

  • Earn points for up to 2 rooms* per night for qualifying stays at over 5,000
    Choice Privileges locations in:

    United States
    (including Hawaii)
    Central America   
    Canada Caribbean
            Europe**      Australasia***
    Middle East

    As a member, you'll receive:
    • Express reservations and check-in
    • Extended check-out (as late as 2:00 p.m.)
    • Free high-speed Internet (excluding Rodeway Inn), local calls
      and long distance access
    • Complimentary newspaper (excluding Suburban)

    Elite Members Earn:

    10% point bonus
    25% point bonus
    40% point bonus

     Click here for more information about the Elite program
    10 Points per USD:

    Upscale Hotels            Collection of Upscale


    5 Points per USD:

    Extended Stay Hotels            Economy Hotels


    Some benefits may be available only at U.S. locations.

    * Both rooms must be in your name and include your member number. You must stay in one of the rooms and pay for both of the rooms. You only receive any applicable bonus points on one room. Members only earn Elite status on one room per stay.

    ** Excluding Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

    *** Including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and Fiji.