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Mobile Web
Never miss a chance to find a great place to stay.
Even for those without mobile apps, ChoiceHotels.com has a mobile web interface allowing all smart-phone users access to easily navigate all the content on our site. So, no matter where you are, you'll have more than 6,000 hotels in the palm of your hand with the ability to:
  •     Find and book hotels
  •     View and change reservations
  •     Access your online profile
  •     Log in to your Choice Privileges account
  •     NEW! Guests without a Choice Privileges account can now use Google Wallet for booking rooms at supported hotels. Simply sign into your Google Wallet account to complete your reservation at the guest check-out page.
  Mobile Website

Free Android Hotel App
The free Choice Hotels Android App® offers instant access to 6,000+ hotels worldwide, so you can find and book a hotel room instantly on your phone - anytime, anywhere.

The Android App now supports Ford’s SYNC® AppLink™, giving you the ability to search for hotels without having to stop and look at your phone. Download today and search for hotels while on the road. Learn more about this feature.

NEW FEATURE! We recently enabled Google Wallet payment option at supported hotels for guests without a Choice Privileges account for a fast and easy booking experience. Simply sign into your Google Wallet account during the reservation process so you don’t have to manually enter your contact and billing information.

  Mobile reservations Made Easy with RapidBook
Booking with your mobile phone has never been better! Now with RapidBook, you can search for the right hotel and book the right room in less time. We have improved your mobile search experience with a simplified search, navigation, and reservation process, making booking on the go easy.

  Free iPhone Hotel app
The free iPhone App allows you to quickly find and book a hotel with its easy one-key hotel search.