Take off and enjoy a relaxing vacation with your pet!

Flying can be stressful, especially if you do it with your pet. With so many things to know and do to keep your favorite four-legged friend  safe and comfortable while you’re in the air, take a look at the following tips before you and your pet board that plane.

Airline Pet Travel Tips
  • Make sure your pet has a comfortable and sturdy pet kennel for the trip. Check with the airline to ensure the size you select will fit in the pet-designated area.
  • Put a live animal label on the kennel with your current contact information and write “Do not open crate without permission of owner or vet.”
  • In order to make your pet feel safe and comfortable, give them a familiar item like a blanket or toy to help keep them calm.
  • Tape feeding instructions to the kennel and note any special dietary restrictions.