Room to Rebuild

June 10, 2011 - Pittsburgh, PA

On Friday June 10th, Choice Hotels’ Global Sales Group and friends volunteered to renovate and rehabilitate Ms. Leitha's home. Ms. Leitha lives in Pittsburgh's Hill District and has lived in her home since the mid-1980s. She struggles with asthma, and her condition was exacerbated by the fact that before this project half of her windows wouldn’t open and the home had very poor air circulation. Now, she is able to live independently in a safe and healthy environment.

Work Accomplished:
  • Replaced six windows and two new doors for high energy savings
  • Repainted six interior doors; the laundry room; two bathrooms; living room and kitchen
  • Replaced the stove and oven (high efficiency model) as only one burner functions
  • Completed plumbing repairs and replaced two faucets and the leaking laundry tub
  • Retiled laundry area
  • Repaired and repainted exterior fence in backyard
  • Landscaped and weeded overgrowth in back
  • Also assisted the next door neighbor with landscaping (trimming of hedges and removal of tree) and repainted her entry door and garage door