St Patrick's Day Hotels

Get great hotel rates for St. Patrick's Day Getaways.
Almost every city in the United States finds a way to celebrate the luck of the Irish, but a few manage to make it memorable. Here's a list of places providing for long-standing, new and grand traditions honoring St. Patrick.

Chicago, IL   Boston, MA
Savannah, GA   New York City, NY
Dublin, OH   San Francisco, CA
Philadelphia, PA   Hot Springs, AR
Scranton, PA   Kansas City, MO

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Chicago - The Chicago River turns bright green as the windy city hosts one of the largest St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the country.

Boston, MA
Boston - With the distinction of having the first recorded St. Patrick's Day Parade, Beantown puts its Irish roots on display. Bagpipers, bands and floats provide quite the spectacle for visitors.
San Francisco, CA
San Francisco - Irish eyes are smiling on the west coast, as this city celebrates the Irish holiday. Visit the many Irish pubs and enjoy the sites of the city by the bay.
New York, NY
New York City - Celebrate an Irish tradition, find great rates and enjoy one of the longest continuously running St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the world.
Dublin, OH
Dublin - See the Grand Leprechaun in action, as this city embraces its Irish roots. Find a great room near the festivities and enjoy more than 100 floats, bands and bagpipers.
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia - The city of brotherly love provides some affection for the Irish. Find a great room and enjoy other attractions like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.
Hot Springs, AR
Hot Springs - Maybe not your usual place for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, but this city has its fun with the holiday. And, there are the 47 hot springs at Hot Springs National Park.
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City - Great barbeque might not be synonymous with St. Patrick's Day, but the city goes all out with its parade and entertainment. Get in on the action and enjoy Downtown.
Savannah, GA
Savannah - This genteel city gets some Irish injected into the Historic Park District, as fountains are dyed green. Find great rates on hotels near the celebration and stroll River Street.
Scranton, PA
Scranton - Enjoy a special mass at St. Peter's Cathedral, then hit the streets for entertainment, fun and a celebration of Irish roots. Find a great hotel and enjoy the festivities.