9 Reasons to Book a Last-Minute Vacation

From living in the present to scoring eleventh hour deals, reap the benefits of an impromptu adventure

Going on a spontaneous vacation? A train or bus ride may be cheaper than flying.


When you’re looking to travel, planning ahead has its benefits. From booking flights to making hotel reservations, everything is perfectly planned out so you don’t have a worry. Even so, there is something to be said for a little spur-of-the-moment action.

Getting into a free-spirited mindset with your trip can lead you down surprising paths, boosting your creativity and happiness. Spontaneous travel decisions like packing your bags and hopping in the car or on a flight allow you to embrace your sense of adventure and curiosity.

There are also countless psychological benefits of flying by the seat of your pants. Taking a spur-of-the-moment vacation can teach you how to be more flexible, manage stress, trust your intuition and allow you to live in the present. Also, not to be overlooked, by embracing spontaneous travel, you can score some great deals too!

Keep spontaneous travel stress-free with these tips

In the air

  • Many airlines list last-minute deals for the current and following weeks. Pro tip: Choice Privileges (CP) members can also redeem their points for airline miles, including round-trip flights for stateside and international destinations.
  • Airline websites like Frontier and Allegiant have everyday low rates. Some airlines slash prices on Sunday and Tuesday for later that week.
  • When you book the tickets for your spontaneous travel, fly on weekdays, especially Tuesday or Wednesday, which are more affordable.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match flights on different airlines. It’s sometimes more cost-effective to buy a one-way ticket.
  • Rather than pay full price weeks in advance, you can book the day of and receive significant discounts. And handy apps and sites like GTFO Flights let travelers easily book day-of flights for spontaneous travel.

Enjoy every moment of your impromptu vacation.

On the ground

  • Rather than renting a car through different outlets, consider using your CP points to get a car rental deal. It’s not only a great way to cut the costs of your spontaneous travel, but it’s also a faster way to earn even more CP points!
  • If you aren’t going far, consider train over plane. A three-hour train ride for spontaneous travel is more affordable than taking a puddle jumper from one city to another. Amtrak’s discounts extend from national routes to regional travel.
  • If you are in a big city, avoid renting a car and instead take public transportation. Or if a ride-sharing company like Uber or Lyft is available, consider using the carpool function to cut costs by pairing up with other riders in the area.
  • Become a member of loyalty programs like Choice Privileges, where spontaneous travelers (and those who plan ahead too!) can earn points to get special rates and save money on future reservations. Members can also rack up airline miles and Amtrak Guest Rewards points during their hotel and vacation rental stays. Redeem accrued points for a free or discounted night’s stay. (Bonus: There are no blackout days and points don’t expire as long as you’re an active member.)

Feeling inspired to take a trip? Find a hotel for your last-minute vacation and pack your bags!




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