5 Places Where Your Shopping Dollars Go Further

Next time you go on vacation, take a holiday from paying high (sales) taxes

Smile and treat yourself to retail therapy knowing you won’t have to pay steep taxes.


When you visit another state, you can’t help but notice how things compare to home—from the weather to the food. But the biggest difference could be something that really impacts your wallet: sales tax. Though you may not notice it right away, buying in tax free shopping states (or even states with low sales tax) can help your budget go further.

Instead of randomly picking your journey, why not plan a little strategic shopping on your next trip? Whether you’re thinking of refreshing your wardrobe, upgrading your decor or just stocking up on gifts for loved ones, consider these destinations we’ve rounded up for savvy savers looking to make the most of their vacation budget.

Seek out that special item (Portland, Oregon)

If you’re all about the thrill of the hunt for unique finds, Portland is for you. This quirky Pacific Northwest city is full of record stores, vintage boutiques, comic book and toy shops, indie book nooks and purveyors of handmade everything. Oregon is one of the most well-known tax free shopping states, so feel free to splurge on that obscure LP that completes your collection.

Shop and play in the shadow of the Rockies (Denver, Colorado)

Denver has become a hot destination for tourism, especially for those who want to stay in a central location convenient to all of the fantastic outdoor activities you can do in the state of Colorado. But Colorado also has one of the lowest sales taxes in the country, at a very friendly 2.9%. Accordingly, Denver’s shopping scene has great options for those into more rugged pursuits, whether you’re looking for camping gear or reasonably stylish (and functional) outerwear. However, Denver is also experiencing a boom in independent businesses. There’s even a mini “mall” of them—ranging from a handmade-hat boutique to a beauty shop specializing in clean cosmetics—at Larimer Square, a historic block located downtown. Pro tip: The city of Denver does charge its own additional tax, so keep that in mind as you shop!

Splurge on clothing near the Big Apple (West Orange, New Jersey)

Opting for accommodations in this Garden State city already helps you save compared to hotels in nearby New York City (18 miles away). But there’s another reason to stay here. You’re very close to a number of malls, including The Mills at Jersey Gardens—where you can score some great deals at the outlet stores—as well as boutiques with unique yet affordable selections, like Clothes Minded. While you will pay sales tax on most things in New Jersey, you won’t pay an extra cent on clothing. Thinking of crossing the Holland Tunnel to NYC? You also won’t pay sales tax on apparel, as long as the item is under $110.

Find the right time for your visit (Savannah, Georgia)

As one of the most gorgeous cities in the south, Savannah is a perpetually popular destination. However, going in the off-seasons (November-March and June-August) will mean lower crowds, less expensive accommodations and easier reservations. Georgia, while technically not one of the tax free shopping states, has one of the lower sales tax rates in the country at 4%, so you’ll also save a little more compared to other states. Art and decor can also be a little less expensive here, thanks to the presence of the Savannah College of Art and Design—and all of the talented young artists in the area who go there. Be sure to visit shopSCAD, a retail gallery located near scenic Madison Square.

Don’t miss an opportunity for the ultimate drive-thru (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware)

Passing through on your way to Maryland, Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Make sure to stop in the state that proudly advertises itself as the home of tax-free shopping. For road trippers, Christiana Mall is located conveniently off I-95. If you’re heading to the famed Rehoboth Beach, the Tanger Outlets on Route 1—located on both sides of the highway—offers discounted options ranging from designer handbags to diamond rings. You can also make a weekend out of browsing the antique stores in Rehoboth Beach and Lewes.

Ready to shop? Find hotels in Portland, Denver, West Orange, Savannah, Rehoboth Beach.


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