Room to be Green®

At Choice Hotels, we've made room for responsibility.


Reduce, reuse, recycle - with over 6,500 hotels around the world and two large corporate locations, we know our efforts can have an impact on our environment. Through our Room to be Green® program, we promote environmentally-friendly practices throughout the hotel system and at our corporate offices.



Choice is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, and so we are asking all of our hotels to join us in our efforts to promote environmentally sustainable practices. We laid out three different levels of our Room to be Green program, and with this pledge all of our US hotels are required to have achieved at least the minimum Level 1 of our Room to be Green program - because we know, together, we can make a difference.

We know that many guests want to take the environment into consideration when they make hotel booking decisions. Also, many of our hotels meet the more advanced requirements of Levels 2 and 3, and we are proud of their commitment to being environmentally-conscious. So we are going to let our guests know which of our hotels go the extra mile and have achieved Room to be Green Levels 2 and 3 when you view their property information—to give those hotels credit for going above and beyond, and to help guests make informed decisions about the hotel that's right for them.

Our Room to be Green® program focuses on five key pillars where we believe we can make a difference in our environmental impact:

Energy Conservation 
Water Conservation 
Recycling and Waste Reduction 
Employee Engagement and Operational Excellence 
Smart, Safe and Sustainable Product Usage 

Here's How the Program Works:

Level One 

Required for all hotels

All of our hotels are required to replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL/LED lighting, deploy a linen and towel reuse program to save precious water resources, provide a recycling receptacle accessible for guests, and assign a Green Leader on property certified by Choice. In addition, all Quality®, Comfort®, Sleep Inn®, Clarion®, MainStay Suites®, Suburban Extended Stay®, Ascend Hotel Collection® and Cambria® hotels and suites properties have replaced Styrofoam breakfast cups, bowls and plates with sustainable alternatives.


Level Two  

Achieve Level 1 and Implement Additional Level 2 Items

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Many of our hotels go the extra mile to conserve resources and make environmentally friendly decisions. In addition to meeting our minimum Room to be Green requirements, they actively engage in efforts like utilizing Energy Star Portfolio Manager to track and manage energy and water consumption; partnering with non-profit, Clean the World®, to recycle soap to prevent disease in developing countries; and using eco-friendly cleaning products or consumables in their hotels. These hotels make a conscious effort to do their part—not because it's required—but because it's simply the right thing to do.


Level Three   

Achieve Level 2 and Implement Additional Level 3 Terms

Our Room to be Green Level 3 hotels commit significant resources to truly invest in a better world for their employees, guests and community. These hotels invest in the highest impact enhancements like energy management systems, renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, and some pursue LEED certified status. These hotels take a holistic and aggressive approach to making a difference and lead the way in reducing environmental impact.


We're Leading by Example

When it comes to being green at our corporate headquarters, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We want our hotel owners to know that—together—we can move the needle on reducing energy and water consumption and make an enormous impact on the environment. We strive to inspire and educate our owners by investing in a smart, sustainable building and adopting environmentally friendly values at our corporate offices. We are proud let our owners and guests know that our worldwide headquarters located in Rockville, MD is Platinum LEED Certified (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) and our Phoenix campus is LEED Certified. With features like a green roof, Energy Star® appliances, recycling, walkable communities, monthly public transportation subsidies, elimination of disposable cups, and technological enhancements to reduce paper waste - to name a few - practicing a sustainable lifestyle is a way of life for our associates.

Being green is simply a part of our culture at Choice. We lead by example.