Get more when you stay at Cambria® Hotels

Get more when you stay at Cambria® Hotels

Make travel more rewarding with exclusive Choice Privileges® rewards on every qualifying stay, only at Cambria® Hotels.

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Exclusive rewards with Choice Privileges®

If you're an Elite Choice Privileges member, you’ll be eligible for exclusive benefits when you stay with Cambria Hotels.

  • 250 bonus points – On qualifying Cambria stays, enjoy 250 Choice Privileges bonus points as an Elite member.
  • Elite member perks – If you've earned Elite membership prior to your Cambria stay, you'll have access to benefits like early check-in, late check-out and preferred parking (where available).
  • Diamond Elite Status Jump1 – Want to earn Elite membership and already have Elite Status at another hotel brand? If so, you’ll be eligible for an upgrade to our top tier, Choice Privileges Diamond Elite Status, after staying at least one points-eligible night at a Cambria hotel.
  • Your Extras – Receive extra perks like coffee cards, airline miles and online shopping credits for weekday stays.

Our Commitment to Clean at Cambria® Hotels

Your safety and peace of mind are top of mind for us at Cambria Hotels. Our cleanliness protocols include guidance developed in response to the pandemic, including recommendations related to deep cleaning, disinfecting, hygiene and social distancing. Face covering requirements may vary by location as hotels comply with state and local regulations.

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How the Diamond Elite Status Jump Works

Diamond Elite Status Jump3 is one of the exciting new benefits you’ll be eligible to receive after your stay at any Cambria® hotel. Simply email (for United States and Canadian members) or (for European members) the following information:

  1. Provide Your Full Name
  2. Choice Privileges Member Number
  3. Screenshot or copy of Cambria hotel guest folio/receipt
  4. Proof of Elite status in other hotel program:
    1. Screenshot or copy of your other program's loyalty card (with expiration date)
    2. Or, screenshot or copy of other program's current statement or account status page

We'll respond within 3-5 business days and let you know once you’ve received your new status.

Get more for your stay

Make the most of each hotel stay with Choice Privileges®. You can get access to exclusive member rates, earn points for stays and redeem points for free nights, gift cards and more. With 6,000+ participating hotels around the world, it’s easy to find a Choice Hotels® location and start earning rewards today.