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Personalized Weeknight Rewards

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Extra Rewards for Weeknight Stays

Enjoy your choice of 400 Choice Privileges points, an® credit, a Starbucks® gift card, Uber® credit or airline miles when you check in for a stay that includes at least one Sunday-Thursday night.

How to Make Your Selection

In addition to your standard member benefits, you can select an extra weeknight reward by logging into your Choice Privileges account and make your selection before your next check-in. You can always change your preference before checking in for a stay. Most of these rewards will be available in your inbox for you to enjoy right after check-in.*

Personalized Rewards at Your Fingertips

The Choice Hotels mobile app makes managing your personalized weeknight reward, planning trips and redeeming rewards even easier. With the app, you can:

  • Review and change your preferred weeknight reward
  • Check your Choice Privileges® points balance
  • Manage reservations while you’re on the go


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