Hotels with EV Charging Stations in Canada

Rest Up and Recharge

For a traveller on the road with their electric vehicle, nothing is more important than finding hotels with EV charging stations on their route. At Choice Hotels, we have a number of hotels across Canada with EV charging stations powered by leading providers like Green Dot. From Ontario to Alberta, you can enjoy great service and convenient free amenities at our hotels with electric car charging points.
Not only are we among hotel chains with EV charging, but our Choice Privileges Loyalty Program offers repeat guests a variety of benefits ranging from free nights to special discounts on promotional rates. Sign up for free today and start receiving points when you stay at our hotels with EV charging points.

Tips for Travelling with an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are great for reducing your environmental footprint and taking care of day-to-day tasks, but can they stand up to the rigours of a road trip? With more than 6,000 public EV charging stations across Canada and more being added every day, travelling with an electric car is becoming easier and easier.
However, before taking your electric vehicle off the beaten track, there are some important things to keep in mind, such as how to find rest stops and hotels with electric car charging.

Chart your Route Carefully


While public EV charging stations are increasingly common in cities, they can be few and far between in rural areas. When planning your road trip, make sure you identify rest points like shopping malls or hotels with electric car charging stations to ensure you don’t wind up with a dead battery in the middle of the Prairies.
In particular, keep an eye out for Level 3 charging stations which can charge up your battery much faster than Level 2 charging stations.
You can locate charging stations on your route using online maps like PlugShare and ChargeHub which track rest stops, dealerships, and hotels with electric car charging points across Canada.

Be Conservative with Your Range Estimates


While your electric vehicle might be certified for up to 200km for city driving, extensive highway driving or driving in inclement conditions can cause its charge to run out much faster. When planning your trip, it’s better to plot your charging stops more frequently than less to provide a buffer should your car’s battery start to give out faster.

Reduce Battery Drain


As mentioned above, your electric vehicle’s range can vary greatly depending on the speed you drive and the local conditions. However, there are little things you can do to maximize its effective range. For instance, avoiding the use of the heater or air conditioner as much as possible can reduce battery drain as can driving slower. You should avoid idling your car or keeping it plugged in to its charger as you do to maximize battery charge between stops at hotels with electric car chargers.

Our Commitment to Clean

Our Commitment to Clean initiative builds on our longstanding dedication to cleanliness with added precautions and enhanced best practices so you can enjoy peace of mind.