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A surprisingly varied landscape encompassing the Alpes and the Mediterranean Sea, the best cuisine and wines in Europe, lots of charming cities and a rich artistic and historical heritage will welcome you to France. Renowned and appreciated worldwide for its refined culture and seducing language, France is an eclectic, fascinating land with lots to offer to any traveller. Although backpackers might find immersion in the French lifestyle challenging- but still enjoyable thanks to many budget-friendly attractions and affordable wines-, France is an ideal destination for both nature lovers and city-trips enthusiasts and rivals remarkable destinations in Europe such as Italy and Spain. Lakes and castles out of a fairy tale, idyllic green valleys and vineyards, imponent mountains that are a worldwide celebrated ski holiday destination and the enchanting coastal landscape extending from the Atlantic Ocean to the warm Mediterranean shores are the gems you can expect to unveil while venturing into the French landscapes. If you are an urban explorer, France will never disappoint you with its fascinating cities rich in culture and myriad landmarks testifying to the harmonious crossing between its glorious past and its contemporary vibes.
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Discover the City of Lights

With its magical atmosphere, the incomparable beauty of its venues and the passionate nature of the French, Paris is called the City of Love for a reason. A close-to-infinite literary and cinematographic narrative celebrates Paris’ culture, arts, and cuisine and, once you visit the city, it will not take long to realize why. Enjoy an almost unlimited choice of fancy restaurants, cafes, music clubs of any genre, quaint shops, and world-renowned attractions such as the iconic Louvre Museum and Disneyland Paris.


Enjoy the marvellous Côte Fleurie

Situated on the stunning Côte Fleurie in Normandy, Deauville is among France’s most beautiful port cities and seaside resorts. Renowned for its casino, racecourse, posh beaches, beautiful nature, eclectic architecture and extraordinary seafood gastronomy, the town is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a relaxing weekend with your family.


The gateway to the Loire Valley

One of the oldest cities in France, Orléans is the perfect gateway to the charming castles and vineyards of the beautiful Loire Valley. Explore the perfectly preserved Medieval old town permeated by the allure of Joan of Arc, who liberated the city from the English siege in 1429, discover the enchanting nature of the Loiret district and savour the haute cuisine specialities that made the region famous.


Discover the city of the famous Braderie

Sometimes referred to as 'The Capital of Flanders', Lille is a lovely town in Northern France close to the Belgian border. Once an important merchant centre for the French Flanders, Lille is nowadays a cultural and business hub, a lively university city, and an ideal holiday destination for a couple's getaway or a family vacation. Every year, the city hosts the famous Braderie de Lille, the biggest flea market in Europe, which adds an extravagant flavour to the local dining scene and nightlife.


Discover the capital of Alsace

Home to the European Parliament and a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site, Strasbourg is among the most beautiful cities in Europe. From the picturesque canals and half-timbered houses of La Petite France to the imposing Gothic cathedral and the Grande Île district, the capital of Alsace conceals artistic and historical treasures you will never get tired of discovering.


Unveil beautiful Toulouse

Also known as “la Ville Rose” because of the pleasant light red colour of its brick buildings, Toulouse is one of the most enjoyable cities in France and Europe’s aeronautical capital. Discover an incredible variety of monuments, museums, churches, and beautiful gardens and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the city. Gourmets will be delighted with the rich local gastronomic tradition and the endless choice of restaurants and bistros serving regional and French specialities.


Explore Lyon's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region awaits you with its wealthy cultural past, high-end gastronomy and incomparable UNESCO World Heritage Sites. One of France’s most important university cities, Lyon will conquer you with its peculiar mix of historical charm and modernity, enticing you to discover its numerous artistic and architectural landmarks.


The golden gem of Southern France

One of the oldest cities in Southern France, beautiful Montpellier is today a lively university hub and a popular tourist destination. It is the capital of the Occitane region, renowned for its wineries, and the seat of the International Vine and Wine Fair. Visit Montpellier and enjoy its rich historical heritage, thriving gastronomic scene and prime location only 12 kilometres from the Mediterranean coast.


Visit the Grotto and the sanctuaries

A lovely town in Southwestern France and one of the world’s main pilgrimage sites, Lourdes is one of Europe's most visited religious destinations. Head to the numerous Marian shrines and learn about the city’s history, or discover the Hautes-Pyrénées area by exploring the nearby towns of Pau and Tarbes.

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Explore the finest French wine region

One of the most quintessentially French towns to discover, Bordeaux is the ideal holiday destination in France for wine and haute cuisine lovers. Harmoniously balancing old architectural gems with modern design, the city displays a unique mixture of elegantly restored historic buildings, pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, and innovative modern architecture. Bordeaux is nowadays a financial hub renowned for its luxury shopping venues, its refined dining scene and its world celebrated wineries. Whether you visit the city for a sampling some of world’s finest wines, to admire the Old Town’s Medieval landmarks, or to unveil the secrets of its rich past and culture, you will not regret stopping by in ‘’La Belle Bordeaux’’.


Enjoy the world capital of cinema

Renowned worldwide for its yearly film festival, Cannes is among the poshest destinations in France. The capital of cinema awaits you with its exclusive boutiques and sandy beaches for a luxurious getaway on the French Riviera. Feel like a movie star walking on the Boulevard de la Croisette, taste exceptional haute cuisine specialities and enjoy the sun and the sea of the beautiful Mediterranean coast.


Discover France's most ancient city

A bustling hub and a crossroad of cultures for centuries, Marseille is among the most charming French port cities. Enjoy a walk through its beautiful harbour, relax on the wonderful sandy beaches of the French Riviera, take in Marseille’s rich cultural past and typical bohemian atmosphere, and make new, unique memories in France’s oldest city.