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The most amazing glacial landscapes and wild nature with no comparisons in Europe await you in Norway. World-renowned for the imposing, peculiar beauty of its fjords, Norway has a lot to offer and is a paradise holiday destination for all outdoor sports enthusiasts. Caving, hiking, skiing, and water rafting are only some of the options you will have to fill your holiday days in this friendly, unique land. The country borders with Russia, Sweden and Finland and hosts several national parks and over 3000 protected areas, where you will encounter some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world and unique fauna species including lynx, reindeer, and wolves. The capital Oslo and the lovely city of Bergen, both facing the sea, will enchant you with their mix of modern buildings and characteristic colorful wooden houses; even if you visit Norway for a restricted time, you will certainly make the most of your stay thanks to the many cultural attractions, great seafood, and easy access to nature.
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If you want to blend cultural activities with outdoor sports, exclusive shopping, great dining, and nature exploring tours, Oslo is the perfect holiday destination for you. This modern, friendly city is ideal for a weekend getaway and an excellent base to start exploring Southern Norway. While not maybe the cheapest city in the world, Oslo has a lot to offer- just nearby the city centre you will find plenty of hiking and biking trails, and close to illimited chances for swimming, fishing, going boating, and skiing- and is worth a visit to see the amazing fjords. Oslo’s rich cultural scene will please all music, arts, and history lovers that can binge in the city’s numerous museums and galleries, including the iconic Munch Museum and Oslo Natural History Museum.


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A small, charming university town, Bergen is a must-see for all travelers heading to Norway. Nestled in a spectacular location amidst hills covered with forests and majestic fjords, this unique town boasts an incredible natural panorama, cultural institution, and a fascinating characteristic architectural style- the UNESCO-protected colourful timbers houses of its quaint Old Town are world-renowned. Bergen is also one of the most beautiful jumping-off points for cruises along the scenic Norwegian coastline and a great sports hub for hikers, cyclists, and climbers. With a vast array of museums and art galleries and some of the finest restaurants in Norway, Bergen is a perfect holiday destination if you want to dive into the relaxing Norwegian atmosphere.