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Discover Jeddah and the Red Sea

One of the most modern and open lands in the Middle East, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a unique, surprising country that blends ancient traditions with a contemporary and cosmopolitan character. A varied and luxurious tourist destination ideal for a family holiday, Saudi Arabia will amaze you with incredible landscapes that encompass deserts, dream-like oases, scenic mountains, and pristine tracts of the Red Sea coral coast.
Visit Saudi Arabia and discover the immense cultural heritage of Jeddah: a business and economic hub and a perfect getaway to reach the Holy City of Makkah, the so-called ‘’Bride of the Red Sea” awaits you with its historic buildings, modern, lavish shopping venues and marvellous beaches, offering endless entertainment opportunities.
Discover the best destinations of this mystical and mysterious country: from the astonishing desert landscape of Rub’al-Khali (The Empty Quarter) to the historical and archaeological sites in the North and the beautiful Western Red Sea coast, you will find unconventional destinations for a great holiday in Saudi Arabia.
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A beautiful coastal city facing the Red Sea crystal-clear waters, Jeddah is by far the most cosmopolitan and contemporary city in Saudi Arabia. Discover Jeddah’s old town, stroll on the amazing Corniche, and enjoy luxury shopping at the most exclusive mall in the country.


The capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is the country’s most important financial and cultural hub. Discover the attractions of the “Gardens” of the Arabian Desert; explore the King ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz Historical Centre, venture to the famous Sky Bridge and Tree Tower to enjoy spectacular views of Riyadh, or visit the scenic King Abdullah Park and its musical fountain.

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