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With more than 80% of land covered with boreal forests and glaciated mountains and including over a thousand coastal islands and inland lakes, Sweden is a peculiar, amazing country and considered the true heart of Scandinavia. Its wild natural landscapes, the modern coastal cities, the proximity to Finland and Norway, and the exceptional phenomenon of the Midnight Summer make Sweden an appealing holiday destination both if you are a nature and outdoor sports lover or if want to immerse in the Swedish tranquil lifestyle discovering cultural sites in Malmö, Stockholm or Gothenburg. This family-friendly country home to IKEA, Volvo, and many other brands, is considered one of the most advanced communities in Europe and offers many chances for entertainment and relaxation- the very common word fika, referring to the traditional coffee or tea break, is very well representative of how the Swedish value their own time and social interaction. If you visit Sweden in the summertime you will have the chance to partake in one of the country’s biggest events, Midsommar, when every Swedish city celebrates the summer solstice with music, dance, and live events. Whether you look for adventurous hiking in Lapland or to city-hop and discover the Stockholm archipelago, you can be sure Sweden has plenty of entertainment to offer.
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Discover the jewel of the Baltic Sea

Swedish capital Stockholm is a friendly, fascinating city spread across the homonymous archipelago facing the Baltic coats and surrounded by beautiful islands and waterways. One of the most enjoyable holiday destinations in Europe, Stockholm certainly does not lack entertainment opportunities for everyone: the city’s extensive green parks, charming lanes, and intriguing cobblestone streets, world-class museums (make sure you pay a visit to the National Museum to check out its permanent collection of artworks by Impressionist masters Rembrandt, Rubens, Goya, Renoir, Degas, and Gauguin), modern nightclubs, and a fabulous, emerging gourmet dining scene will grant you a comfortable and pleasant stay.


Welcome to Sweden's friendliest city

Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg may be less popular among tourists than Stockholm but is indeed a great holiday destination to explore on foot or by bicycle. Surrounded by green areas, this charming city offers plenty of sites of interest to see and activities to do. Just take a walk in Gothenburg’s main street Avenyn, also known as Kungsportsavenyen, and you will find an interesting array of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants where you can relax while trying some of the specialties prepared by the local avant-garde chefs. Gothenburg is also a hub of the Nordic design scene, with outstanding exhibits at the Röhsska Museum and tens of showrooms in areas like Nordstan. You will be enticed by the city’s cosmopolitan vibe, but if you are looking for more adventure for your trip Gothenburg offers plenty of hiking, swimming, and other outdoor activities.


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Located in the gorgeous southern province of Skåne just across the Öresund strait from Copenhagen in Denmark, Malmö is Sweden’s third-largest city and, although often out of the tourists’ radar, is a fascinating, eclectic holiday destination both for nature lovers and urban explorers. Its peculiar blend of modern buildings, futuristic skyscrapers, and centuries-old architectural gems truly represent Malmö’s diverse and inclusive spirit. A melting pot of cultures, Malmö has a lot to offer both to couples and families and to group travellers with its magnificent Medieval churches and scenic squares, elegantly designed parks, exclusive shopping venues, and a great dining scene with lots of vegan options, hipster cafés with specialty coffee and cheap falafel stands.