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An always popular holiday destination for travellers from Europe and abroad, the United Kingdom offers plenty of cultural sites, history, arts, entertainment, and wild, pristine natural and coastal landscapes to explore. From the hectic and dynamic capital London to charming cities such as Leeds and lovely Newcastle upon Tyne, you will discover England’s and UK’s hidden gems and will dive into the country’s rich past unveiling the story of one of the most ancient and interesting lands in Europe. A land full of myths, legends- many of which influenced by Germany's mythology-, historic landmarks, (famous Celtic site Stonehenge is just a short drive from London), and glorious traditions, The United Kingdom is a place you will never get tired to explore and a great destination that will surprise you with its charm and varied options for fun.


A journey into the heart of British culture

Be that for a short weekend getaway, a two weeks’ vacation, or a holiday in Europe, everyone wants to go to London! A city with extravagant charm and character, England’s capital is one of the favorite holiday destinations all over the world and an interesting crossroad of cultures and traditions that makes it a unique melting-pot. Home to the Royal Family and the British parliament, this eclectic city will conquer your heart with its cosmopolitan vibe and many historic landmarks and attractions. With countless free museums- far more than you can see on a single stay! -, amazing green parks and plenty of typical pubs and entertainment venues London will never disappoint you.

The city’s configuration and the hyper-efficient transports system make London extremely easy to tour: besides visiting classic attractions such as the British Royals’ residence Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and the House of Parliament, to get a first glimpse of the city, we suggest you take a stroll along the Thames banks crossing the iconic London Bridge, where you can see many of the city’s landmarks including the world-renowned theatre and education centre Shakespeare's Globe, the amazing contemporary art museum Tate Modern and the National Theatre. If you want to discover the city’s past and its landmarks, you will not be disappointed: in London, you can find history in every corner. Famous cultural sites such as the sumptuous palace Hampton Court, the Tower of London, and the beautiful religious milestones Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral are must-see during your stay, but the city has so many unconventional and peculiar attractions that you will lose yourself in its streets and alleys- wander the narrow lanes in Whitechapel and walk in the footsteps of the infamous Jack the Ripper. London’s first-class museums- many of which are free! – will stun you with some of the richest permanent collections in the world: head to the amazing Tate Modern and Tate Britain to admire modern and contemporary masterpieces by masters such as De Chirico and Klee and indulge in the extensive painting collections dating from the mid-13th century to 1900 of the National Gallery. Other must-sees during your museum-hopping tour include the British Museum, hosting everything from Egyptian mummies to Japanese vases and the famous Rosetta Stone and the Victoria and Albert Museum, displaying more than 2,000 masterpieces covering over three millenniums of human history.

London’s versatile character makes it a coveted holiday destination for many travellers throughout the year. If you want to sight-see without the city being too crowdy, you can plan your trip in late spring and early summer; London’s beautiful parks- that include the renowned Hyde Park and the elegant Kensington Gardens hosting the homonymous Palace- are a great spot to chill or picnic when the weather is fine. Clear days are excellent also for a ride on London’s iconic Millenium Wheel, where you can enjoy the most breathtaking and comprehensive city view- it’s not for nothing that the will is called London Eye. If you like craftworks and antiques, you cannot skip a visit to the quaint open-air markets in Camden Town and Portobello Road, where you will never get bored browsing the many stands and boutiques in search of handmade souvenirs and memorabilia. An evergreen and an unmissable experience whenever you visit London is a stop at one of the many typical pubs for which London is world-renowned and that very good represent the local spirit: after a day of sight-seeing or shopping in the lavish Mayfair or Oxford Street you can mingle with the locals and sample a traditional pint.


Explore the landscapes of Yorkshire

A great spot for quality shopping and dining, Yorkshire’s main urban centre Leeds is just a few kilometers distant from Manchester and has recently seen a surge in tourism becoming an attractive holiday destination in Europe. The cultural, economic, sporting, and artistic hub of northern England, Leeds awaits you with its stunning architecture blending harmoniously historic palaces with modern renovated buildings that attest to the city’s past as a prosperous industrial centre. Leeds’ luxury shopping venues, stunning parks, numerous landmarks, and the sizzling emerging nightlife will leave you with no time to get bored and make it a perfect spot to spend a weekend during your stay in the United Kingdom.

With its interesting mix of historic sites and modern entertainment venues, Leeds is a city with something to offer to every traveler; if you have chosen England as your holiday destination, a visit to Leeds and the Yorkshire countryside is a nice alternative way to learn more about the country’s history. Start your exploration with a walk around Victoria Square’s area, Leeds’ true cultural heart; here you can find many of the city’s landmarks, including the imposing Town Hall and Leeds Central Library, whose sumptuous décor testifies the England’s past centuries splendor, the beautiful Leeds Cathedral, and Leeds Art Gallery featuring a rich collection of modern and contemporary artworks. History enthusiasts cannot miss the amazing Kirkstall Abbey, a 12th-century Cistercian monastery whose very well-preserved ruins include a cloister and church where visitors can learn about the monastery life in Middle Ages. Leeds is also a cultural and music hub boasting its ballet and opera company: do not miss the chance to catch a play at The West Yorkshire Playhouse, one of the UK’s most popular and famous theaters, or to see a live performance by the Northern Ballet at the Leeds Grand. Clubbers and party goers will be delighted at Leeds’ vibrant nightlife and drinking venues that are open until late: the abundance of university students makes Leeds a very young city, whose lively vibe and great cocktails and music scene will enthrall you and let you dance the night away!

You can see Leeds at its best during the summertime: with warmer temperatures, you will be able to enjoy the city’s attractions and open spaces, such as the beautiful Roundhay Park, one of the most extensive city parks in all Europe. Here you can stroll in the elegantly designed gardens, relax in front of the many lakes, or explore the surrounding woodlands. The park is one of Leeds’ main attractions and has made the city a more and more popular holiday destination. If you are looking for a unique ‘’shop ‘til you drop’’ experience, the malls and boutiques in Leeds' lavish shopping district Victoria Quarter are a great option to spend an afternoon soaking in luxury. Nature lovers can also use Leeds as a base to explore Yorkshire’s gorgeous countryside: The Dales National Park, the beautiful coastal city of Whitby and the iconic Janet's Foss waterfalls are easily reachable by car.