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An always popular holiday destination for travellers from Europe and abroad, the United Kingdom offers plenty of cultural sites, history, arts, entertainment, and wild, pristine natural and coastal landscapes to explore. From the hectic and dynamic capital London to charming cities such as Leeds and lovely Newcastle upon Tyne, you will discover England’s and UK’s hidden gems and will dive into the country’s rich past unveiling the story of one of the most ancient and interesting lands in Europe. A land full of myths, legends- many of which influenced by Germany's mythology-, historic landmarks, (famous Celtic site Stonehenge is just a short drive from London), and glorious traditions, The United Kingdom is a place you will never get tired to explore and a great destination that will surprise you with its charm and varied options for fun.


A journey into the heart of British culture

Be that for a short weekend getaway, a two weeks’ vacation, or a holiday in Europe, everyone wants to go to London! A city with extravagant charm and character, England’s capital is one of the favorite holiday destinations all over the world and an interesting crossroad of cultures and traditions that makes it a unique melting-pot. Home to the Royal Family and the British parliament, this eclectic city will conquer your heart with its cosmopolitan vibe and many historic landmarks and attractions. With countless free museums- far more than you can see on a single stay! -, amazing green parks and plenty of typical pubs and entertainment venues London will never disappoint you.


Explore the landscapes of Yorkshire

A great spot for quality shopping and dining, Yorkshire’s main urban centre Leeds is just a few kilometers distant from Manchester and has recently seen a surge in tourism becoming an attractive holiday destination in Europe. The cultural, economic, sporting, and artistic hub of northern England, Leeds awaits you with its stunning architecture blending harmoniously historic palaces with modern renovated buildings that attest to the city’s past as a prosperous industrial centre. Leeds’ luxury shopping venues, stunning parks, numerous landmarks, and the sizzling emerging nightlife will leave you with no time to get bored and make it a perfect spot to spend a weekend during your stay in the United Kingdom.