Puerto Rico – An Adventure Within Reach

Have you always thought that traveling to Puerto Rico was a luxury best saved for honeymoons and anniversaries? Then you might be surprised to learn that this Caribbean gem could actually be within reach for you and your family! Trekaroo’s Michelle McCoy recently visited Puerto Rico and found out how you can enjoy an exotic trip, even if you’re on a budget.


What to do

There’s an abundance of fun to be had in Puerto Rico if you know where to look, and it doesn’t have to wreck your budget either. From breathtaking views of the El Yunque National Forest to beautiful stretches of beaches, there is something for everyone. A few places to note are La Mina Waterfall in Luquillo and Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo.

Where to eat

We all know that eating at great restaurants is half the fun of travel. Tasting the local foods gives you a picture of island life. Café Manolin is the place to go for authentic food if you’re after that real island taste. Of course, you might want to enjoy some Italian fare at Serafina or cool off with some good old fashioned ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s Condado. Great food, great prices – who could ask for more?

What to expect

Just in case you’re not sure what to expect from your adventure, Michelle has you covered. For instance, since Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, you don’t have worry about having a passport or doing a currency exchange. Learn more about what to expect on your Puerto Rican adventure or just jump in with both feet and book your flight and hotel today!



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