Why Puerto Rico? Why not!

With the help of blogger Gloria Atanmo of The Blog Abroad, we want to demystify the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico. Sure, it’s exotic, but it’s also just a short flight away. This makes Puerto Rico an easy and accessible escape from everyday life, even if you’re short on vacation days.


No passport, No Problem

While having a passport can open the door to many great adventures, you don’t need one to take a trip to Puerto Rico. U.S. citizens can travel to the island with nothing more than their ID since it’s a U.S. territory. So pack a bag and book a flight, Puerto Rico’s calling!

Not too cold, not too hot

Is there such a thing as the “perfect temperature”? What kind of fun could you have if it averaged a comfortable 80 degrees Fahrenheit all year long? These are the types of questions you’ll answer when you book some time on the island. Puerto Rico offers you the pleasant weather you crave on an island adventure, making it an ideal winter escape.

It's more affordable than you think

We know that the word “affordable” is relative, but when it comes to island getaways, Puerto Rico is easier on your wallet than many other exotic destinations. And not only is airfare reasonable, accommodations are too! If you’re seeking sun-soaked beaches on a budget, it doesn’t get any better!

It offers amazing beaches

When you daydream about laying on a beach, you probably envision stretches of fine, white sand and sparkling water for as far as your eyes can see. Puerto Rico can help turn that daydream into a reality thanks to the picturesque stretches of glorious sand and waves. And remember, apart from some island rain, the weather is always just right!

There's plenty to do

Sand and surf are big attractions any time we talk about Puerto Rico, after all, it is a Caribbean island. So if you’re a sun-worshipper, you won’t be disappointed. You can lounge poolside while sipping on a drink, dip your toes in the ocean or enjoy a ferry ride to a pristine beach. Of course, you can visit a museum, take epic pictures or enjoy a night like the locals at La Plaza de Mercado.

Delicious food

We all know vacation calories don’t count – which is a good thing when you’re talking about delicious Puerto Rican fare. The local cuisine is a delightful mix of Spanish and African flavors, which adds up to delectable dishes. You’ll want to sample the local favorites so find yourself a café and spend an afternoon researching the tastes of the island. Need more inspiration? Check out the experiences of self-proclaimed Island Queen and get ready to pack for your very own getaway!



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