Coolest Cities You've (Probably) Never Been To

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Coolest Cities: Durham, North Carolina

The city has moved past its roots as industrial tobacco town and into a vibrant, modern destination. Discover its entertainment venues, outdoor recreation trails and award-winning restaurants.

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Akron, Ohio

This midsize Midwestern city has more than its fair share of art, food and fun. Check out some of the local spots in these neighborhoods.

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Middletown, RI

Wide-open spaces await in the country's smallest state. Specifically, Middletown, with its quiet back roads and rambling farmlands, is home to vineyards, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and greenways.

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Traverse City, Michigan

Uncover the best things to do in Traverse City—fantastic beaches, fine food and spectacular views all right off the shores of Lake Michigan.

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Washington, Pennsylvania

Take a tour of Liberty Pole Spirits, a Pennsylvania distillery where American whiskey runs deep.

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