Get a taste of the dishes that define America's diverse dining scene. Here, you'll find our picks for the country's best foodie hotspots, whether you're craving classic fried chicken, an Instagram-worthy treat or a five-star culinary masterpiece.


Tasty Trip Ideas

7 Foodie Vacation Ideas

These seven U.S. cities will help you cover plenty of ground in terms of flavor.

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Best Foodie Destinations

It's easy to make dining the heart of your trip in these culinary cities.

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Homestyle Restaurants

For a home-cooked meal away from home, try these restaurants.

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Best U.S. Food Festivals

There’s always something tasty cooking at these 11 delicious food-fest destinations.

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Outstanding Specialty Foods

Chili for Chilly Days

Here's where to find the best chili in the country to help you keep warm this winter.

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America's Best Fried Chicken

Browned in buttermilk or flavored with South Asian spice, you’ll want to try them all.

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America's Best BBQ

These spots are cooking up some of the country's best barbecue.

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Best Sandwiches in the U.S.

These sandwich shops' creations are worth traveling across the country for.

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Take Flight Beyond Beer

Flights aren’t just for beer. Now you can discover new tastes with these unique samplings.

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America’s Diner Scene

Savor the local flavors and hometown flair served at these 6 budget-friendly diners.

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Oysters for Beginners

Taking down your first oyster? Here are some tips to make sure enjoy the first bite.

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Tasty Vegetarian Dining

Eating healthy on the go won’t be a challenge at these mouth-watering veggie restaurants.

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Lowcountry Treats

Take home a taste of the South with these Lowcountry specialties.

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Drinks and Sweets

Ice Cream Destinations

Get the scoop on the best ice cream shops in America.

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Boozy Desserts

Alcohol-infused desserts are redefining sweet treats from coast to coast.

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Drink Coffee Like a Local

Skip the coffee chains and savor the bean at these hand-picked homegrown cafés.

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