Things to Do in Sequoia National Park

If you want to unleash your inner explorer, Sequoia National Park is the place to do it


Nestled among the rugged peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, this park—along with neighboring Kings Canyon National Park—is home to tumbling streams, remote peaks and America’s largest trees. With its main entrance east of Three Rivers, just an hour from hotels in Tulare, visiting Sequoia National Park is a wilderness adventure within easy reach.


Explore the Sequoias

There’s no way around it; the trees are the main attraction at Sequoia National Park. Many of the giant sequoias tower 200 feet above the forest floor and reach a diameter of 100 feet. Hiking trails make many of the park’s sequoia groves easily accessible, and some are right alongside the road. The famous General Sherman Tree—the largest tree, by volume, in the world—is located at the north end of Giant Forest. Attend one of the regularly scheduled ranger talks to learn more about the trees. It’s also a good idea to visit on a weekday or during the off-season to beat the crowds.


Drive the General’s Highway

Stretching along the length of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, the General’s Highway is a beautiful scenic byway that links many of the park’s best attractions. The highway winds its way through a range of elevations, from high mountain peaks to lush lowland forests and meadows. Stop along the way to check out the roadside picnic areas, interpretive sites and scenic overlooks. Driving the General’s Highway is a great way to pack in some of the best things to do in Sequoia National Park during your trip.


Climb Mt. Whitney

Sequoia National Park is home to the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states, Mt. Whitney. An imposing, snow-capped slab of granite that towers 14,505 feet above sea level, Mt. Whitney is a very challenging climb, requiring ice axes and crampons as late in the year as July. The most direct route to the summit is a 10.7-mile trail from Whitney Portal, 13 miles west of the town of Lone Pine on the east side of the Sierra Nevada. A special $15 permit—which is based on a lottery system—is required to hike or climb in the Mt. Whitney area. Other trails such as Lookout Peak and the Cedar Grove Overlook offer more accessible, though still challenging, mountain climbs.


Tour Crystal Cave

With so much going on above the surface, you might be surprised to find that one of the most enjoyable things to do in Sequoia National Park is below ground. Explore the park’s subterranean side on a guided tour of Crystal Cave, a remarkable marble karst cave with an assortment of striking formations. Located near Giant Forest, the cave is actually one of more than 240 known caves within Sequoia National Park, though few are open to the public. Cave Tour tickets are available online through the National Park Service, and they are sometimes sold at visitors’ centers within the park, depending on availability.

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