11 Tips To Help Every Type Of Traveler Stay Healthy

Don’t miss out on a minute of your trip with these wellness suggestions

Even if you can’t go to your regular yoga spot, there are many ways you can stay health-conscious while traveling.


It’s tough to stay healthy when traveling, especially when you’re on the road and away from your normal routine. But with a little planning, your traveling life can be (almost) as healthy as your day-to-day. Whether you’re flying solo or with family, follow these health tips while traveling for sneaking a little extra wellness into your days on the road.

Tips for frequent flyers

Stretch it out

The Guardian writer Simon Jenkins believes “we’re over the digital revolution,” and says, “This is the age of experience.” In a moment when records, print books, and knitting are making a comeback, so are traditional cameras. Many photographers—both hobby and professional—are ditching their digital cameras and re-embracing more traditional methods, like film and instant photography. If your airport doesn’t have a yoga room, you can still make do on your flight—even if you’re sandwiched in the back row. Simple moves like rolling your wrists and ankles or engaging your core by sitting up straight and drawing your belly button toward your spine can have huge benefits.

Dim the lights

If you’re not one of the lucky people who can sleep anytime, anywhere, then consider investing in some sleep aids. Try a combination eye mask and travel pillow designed to keep your head from bobbing while you snooze in your seat, or pack one of the inflatable options that fold away to practically nothing.

Tips for parents

Pack healthy, non-messy snacks

Nothing stops a toddler meltdown faster than a snack, but you don’t want to load your kids up on gas station candy bars. Bring individually packaged snacks like hummus and pretzels or string cheese. These finger foods involve little to no preparation and will fill your kids up with protein so they can make it through a whole day of sightseeing.

Plan some en-route exercise

If you have a long day of travel ahead, build in a couple of breaks so your kids can work out some of their energy. Rest stops are great opportunities to engage children in short, fun exercises like jumping jacks. Turn on your smart phone’s stopwatch and challenge them to a series of sprints. If you’re traveling through the airport, take a walk around the terminal—you might even find something fun, like a museum or a concert.

Tips for outdoor enthusiasts

Protect your skin

It’s easy to forget how quickly the sun can damage your skin—less than 10 minutes, in some cases. Download an app that helps you figure out your sunscreen needs for the day and reminds you when it’s time to reapply. Insect repellent, clothing that offers proper coverage and sunglasses are also a must.

Plan for the unexpected

You never know when you’re going to face a minor injury in the outdoors, so keep a small first-aid kit handy. You can find plenty of them online, or you can stock your own with supplies like gauze pads and antiseptic wipes.

Tips for Couples

Changing time zones and enduring long flights can be stressful, so relax at your destination with a couples massage.


Sometimes a little competition can motivate you to stay healthy. Before you leave, do some research to find a list of fitness classes available at your destination. Some studios even offer activities like partner yoga. Then sign up; you’ll hold each other accountable and lock in some together time.

Remember to relax

Being healthy isn’t all about exercise—it’s also about taking care of your body and knowing when you need a break. Sign up for a couple’s massage to help knead away the stress of a full day of traveling.

Tips for everyone

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

There’s no faster way to feeling off your game than dehydration. Not only is it dangerous, but also almost always completely preventable. Carry along an insulated water bottle, which will keep your drink at the perfect temperature all day. This reusable, collapsible one is ideal for travelers with space concerns.

Clean, clean, clean

Germs are everywhere. We repeat: everywhere. But there’s no need to be overly alarmed, just aware. Stay healthy and protect yourself by washing your hands frequently. Toss a pack of anti-bacterial wipes into your carry-on. They’re perfect for wiping down tray tables and cleaning your hands after grabbing the subway railing.

Sleep, sleep, sleep

When your schedule is thrown into disarray, sleep is one of the first things to suffer, particularly if you’re traveling with children. Try your best to get on a sleep schedule that you can stick to for your entire trip. If you’re changing time zones, use an app like Jet Lag Rooster to create a sleep plan that will shift your schedule to make the transition as painless as possible.


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