7 Warm Weather Travel Hacks for the Shore

Keep the sand out, the drinks cold and stress levels low

Little tricks can make sure your day at the shore is enjoyable.


Whether you’re road-tripping a few states over or driving a couple hours to the closest beach, the perfect day out in the sun involves a little more planning than following the GPS and remembering the sunscreen. Here are our favorite warm weather vacation tips and beach hacks to maximize your time and space, and to prevent those little grains of sand from sneaking into absolutely everything.

Beach hacks for staking out your space

Instead of laying out towels to lounge on (which will only get covered in sand as the day progresses and be useless when it’s time to dry off), use a fitted sheet to create a walled beach blanket. Start by spreading out a fitted sheet—queen or king is best—with the elastic facing up. Then place four bags, coolers or other heavy items inside each sheet corner. Finally, pull up each sheet corner around each heavy item and spread out the items until the elastic is taut. The sides of the sheet will create short walls that will help cut down on windblown sand and will help keep your belongings and towels sand-free.

Beach hacks for preventing a sandy mess

A beach bag filled with your kids’ toys can tote plenty of sand back into your car. When it comes to this type of beach gear, use a lightweight mesh hamper to store it in instead. When kids are done with their shovels and buckets, pop the beach toys into the hamper and give it a shake to release excess sand.

Beach hacks for creating a decoy

Simple items can be hacked to hide valuables.

For peace of mind when you’re enjoying the surf away from your beach bag, use an empty (and clean) jumbo-size bottle of sunscreen or lotion to hide your phone, money, keys and other small valuables. Simply cut off the top of the clean bottle, place your valuables inside and then replace the lid.

Beach hacks for defending against spills

Bottles of sunscreen, aloe vera gel, after-sun lotions and other toiletries can make a mess in a tote or suitcase if they pop open. Prevent errant leaks with a DIY seal: Unscrew the top, lay a piece of plastic wrap over the opening and then replace the cap.

Beach hacks for cleaning off in a flash

From your hands to your toes, stray sand can create an uncomfortable situation. To get it all off fast, sprinkle on a light layer of baby powder. It’ll absorb excess moisture, which is what glues all those little grains of sand to your skin, allowing you to dust it all off with ease.

Beach hacks for avoiding a pit stop

Pack your cooler the right way to save space and money.

Cut down on wasted cooler space—and a trip to the convenience store for a bag of ice—by freezing your noncarbonated drinks before you pack them. They’ll act as ice for carbonated drinks and food items, and by the time you need to cool off during your adventure, your drinks will be defrosted enough to drink and refreshingly cold. Going on a shorter trip? Freeze wet sponges inside plastic resealable bags for a slim alternative to ice packs.especially the kids! Hotels can generally accommodate a wide variety of food options, and hotel event rooms give you the space to have stations or make-your-own bars, which double as opportunities for party-goers to mingle.

Beach hacks for maximizing your trunk space

If you find your car is bursting at the seams or the kids want a little more leg room, the small expense of renting beach chairs and other equipment can be worth it—especially if they’re nicer than the ones you have at home that have been through multiple beach vacations. Do a quick search before you leave to see if your destination rents out items you’ll want or need and to learn about rental lengths and other requirements.

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