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Budget-Friendly Activities in Savannah

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  • Get hip to the squares. When Savannah was established in 1733, it was developed around four open squares. Over time, more squares have popped up, and today there are 22 beautifully manicured open spaces—a defining feature of the city.
  • Hit historic City Market. This commercial district features 50 art galleries and museums. It’s a perfect place to start—or complete—your exploration of Savannah’s Historic District. At night, the fountain at nearby Ellis Square lights up, as does the entertainment scene all around you.
  • Touring Bonaventure Cemetery isn’t creepy at all. In fact, it’s really a history lesson surrounded by pristine landscaping and sculptures overlooking the Wilmington River—and perfect for picnicking. Free, guided tours are available.
  • Go to church—the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, that is. Towering over Lafayette Square, this stunning Gothic-Revival landmark features dramatic stained glass windows, renaissance-style murals, a 9,000-pound altar made of carved Carrara marble and a Noack pipe organ with 34 ranks and 2,308 pipes.


Top Things To Do In Savannah

Discover these top things to do in Savannah and go explore this southern city!


Best Southern Food In Savannah

When you want great Southern food, you can find it in Savannah.


A Guide To Savannah's Haunts

Gather up your ghost hunters and head for Savannah's haunted halls.



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