Best Restaurants in Kearney

Sample the menus at these restaurants in the Great Plains


Once you're in this city along the Platte River, you're assured of a full tummy and only a slightly slimmer wallet, as Kearney, Nebraska's best restaurants dish up big flavor for the price.

Pizza Perfection: The Flippin Sweet

Pepperoni, black olives and a dusting of acclaim top the pies at this Kearney spot. The thick, airy crusts at The Flippin Sweet are topped with your choice of gold-star creations bearing silver-screen names, from the Deliverance pizza with pork belly and boar sausage to the Hitchcock—think really ornery birds—with lots of Sriracha and peppers heating up the chicken and spicy tomato sauce. And if you want toppings such as elk sausage, peppadew or eggs, they've got those, too—in addition to a smorgasbord of salads, sandwiches and deep-fried pork nuggets.

Tempting Thai: Suwannee

In a pocket of the Midwest where many travelers would expect to be deluged in American comfort food, this local favorite serves up tastes of Thailand. Suwannee gives its dishes sweet little touches, elegantly plating starters and main courses in a way evocative of a restaurant that would have a maître d' and a steeper bill. The food packs a punch for the buck, from the basil beef and drunken noodles to crispy duck salad. They'll also tone down the level of spice on request.

Classic Steaks: The Alley Rose

Among old buildings on Kearney's Central Avenue, The Alley Rose is a classic cozy den of mahogany, stained glass, exposed brick and the occasional piano player. It's the perfect atmosphere to dig into a good cut of meat with a trip to the salad bar and a nice merlot. Save up your appetite for the lunch buffet, a potato casserole layered with meats and cheese or a lunchtime cut of prime rib. The sandwiches carry over to the dinner menu, so you can dine well here without necessarily springing for filet mignon.

Pub Grub: Cunningham's Journal

For a big frothy beer—including a wide selection on tap—and a juicy burger with a pile of fries, Cunningham's Journal is your classic pub hangout in Kearney. They'll even marinate the burger in Guinness before slapping it on the grill, while some monster patties have cheesy goodness tucked inside. It's the perfect place for a nosh and pint as well as a full meal, with appetizers including fried pickles and okra.

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