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Sleep Inn® hotels care about giving guests the best rest, so we went all over America asking about sleep. We all love our sleep, but rest can be hard to come by. Join the “Let’s Sleep Inn” movement and let’s all celebrate the importance of sleep! Watch this video – you won’t believe what some people are saying about sleep!

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We all love our sleep, but we simply aren’t getting enough of it. That’s why Sleep Inn® hotels is asking you to join us in the “Let’s Sleep Inn” movement, because being well-rested shouldn’t just be a dream.

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The more you sleep, the more you dream. So we asked world-renowned dream interpreter, Dr. I. Needa Rest, to analyze five common dreams and tell us what they mean. Well, sorta.

For entertainment purposes only. The following is not intended as medical advice or to be used for medical purposes.



To dream that you are being chased means it's time for one thing: ROAD TRIP! Just don't pick up any shady-looking characters, okay? Like if he has shifty eyes and a moustache and a top hat? Yeah, don’t pick up that guy.



To dream that you are falling means you really want to win that new business pitch. Then you will get a big promotion and a corner office and tons of power and underlings … lots and lots of underlings. I could use a good underling.


To dream that you are flying reveals a desire to get your old band back together. So call the lead singer and say, "Hey bro, let's bury the hatchet. We were both pretty out of it back then, anyway."


To dream that you are naked means you should travel with your team on that upcoming sales trip. Such trips have been known to build camaraderie faster than you can say, "fist bump”… or “high-five” if you are stuck in the '80s.


To dream that your teeth have fallen out means it is time to rekindle the spark in your relationship with a romantic getaway. My lady friend left me because we never did anything like that. Now I spend my nights alone on the couch with my cat, Señor Swanky. Don’t let this happen to you.


Things you didn't know about sleep

Sleep Inn recently conducted a national survey* to find out all about sleep. The numbers are in: Americans highly value sleep, but are not getting enough of it. 


*2015 National Sleep Survey Newlio LLC. among nationally representative sample of 1,068 U.S. adults.

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