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Forget about fancy when all you need is a solid deal on a simple stay—Rodeway Inn and Rodeway Inn and Suites offer just what you’re looking for, especially when you need last minute accommodation in Canada. When you’re traveling on a budget, Rodeway Inn affordable hotels in Canada offer the travel basics with the reliability and security of a national brand you can trust. So you can get the rest you need for wherever travel takes you.



If you want a great value while you’re on the road, look no further than Rodeway Inn and Rodeway Inn and Suites. That’s what we are all about. Our affordable hotels in Canada provide a fresh, clean room for a good night’s sleep; a nice, hot shower to wake you up and a good cup of coffee to jump start your day. You can even connect to your friends and family with free WiFi when you stay with us or unwind in your room with a free premium movie channel. In addition to affordable rooms that take your budget into consideration, we’re there when you need us with last minute accommodation in Canada. And with Rodeway Inn locations across the country, Rodeway Inn has you covered—wherever you travel.


Amenities and programs available at most Canadian Rodeway Inn locations.
Amenities vary at international Rodeway Inn locations.



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