5 Things Every New Mom Should Know Before You Travel With A Baby

You have enough things to worry about as a new mom—don’t let traveling with an infant be one of them

With a little preparation, no one will know it’s your first time traveling with your baby.


When planning to travel with a baby, there are a lot more things to remember to pack. If you’re traveling with an infant for the first time, it can seem especially daunting trying to determine how many diapers to pack or whether your baby needs its own seat. Let go of your anxiety and ease into your travel plans with these six helpful tips for new moms.

Shop for travel-size diaper supplies

Lugging tubs of A+D ointment and boxes of wipes will weigh down your carry-on and take up space that can be used for other must-have baby supplies, such as toys, books and food. Order travel-size supplies including creams, wipes and disposable changing pads at All Travel Sizes. Figure out how many changes you may need to make on the flight, car or train ride and add a few extra so you won’t run out. And don’t forget to make a tally for the trip home.

Determine when to buy a ticket and seat for your baby

You may not mind your infant sitting on your lap or in a carrier for a short flight, but on longer flights, having a seat—especially for babies over six months—will ensure everyone has enough space and ends up happy. In addition to comfort, it’s safer for baby to be secure during takeoff and landing and in case of unexpected turbulence. You can rent or buy a rear- or forward-facing FAA-approved baby seat for a plane at baby gear stores and sites. If you decide to hold your baby and will be traveling with someone else, book the window and aisle seats and hope the middle seat remains empty so there is room to stretch out once you’ve reached cruising altitude.

Remember to pack cold drinks and snacks

TSA will let you carry on formula, breast milk and juice in quantities larger than 3.4 ounces, along with ice packs to keep them cold. Make sure you pack hard or soft ice packs that are fully frozen—TSA won’t let half-frozen ice packs through unless they are 3.4 ounces or less. Once you get to the hotel, put the ice packs in the mini fridge and lower the temperature as much as possible to keep them chilled for when you need them during your days out or the flight home. Another option is to bring a cooler for breast milk with you and ask the hotel to keep it in their freezer. You can continually put breast milk in it throughout your trip.

Ship and rent as much as you can

When traveling with an infant, your hands are full enough with your luggage, diaper bag and, of course, baby. Lighten your load by shipping extra supplies and renting gear at your destination. Traveling Baby Company offers gear rentals in over 30 U.S. cities including cribs, strollers, high chairs, bouncy seats and activity gyms for a few dollars a day. You can also consider shipping baby food, formula, diapers and other necessities to your destination from Amazon.

Plan for bath time

Call the hotel and ask if there is a bathtub in the room. If they don’t have one, find out the dimensions of the sink. Is it large enough? Do you need to pad it with towels to safely give your baby a bath? If you’re concerned, pack an inflatable bathtub you can fit in your suitcase. And remember to ask if the hotel has baby shampoo and body wash. If not, add them to your toiletries list.

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