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Active members: Your points never expire

As long as you stay an active Choice Privileges member, the points you earn never expire. Points are forfeited only when your membership becomes inactive, meaning you haven't completed a qualifying activity during the previous 18 months.

How do I keep my membership active?

  • Complete a qualifying, points-eligible stay.
  • Redeem your points.
  • Buy points.
  • Refer a friend to the Choice Privileges program.
  • Earn or redeem points through partners
  • Redeem points with hotel stays or with our partners
  • Transfer points

Elite Status Gets You More

Earn extra rewards with every stay when you reach Gold, Platinum or Diamond Elite membership status.

  • Earn a 10-50% point bonus on each qualifying hotel stay.
  • Choose from a welcome gift or bonus points at participating hotels.
  • Get exclusive, Elite-level perks and offers.


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