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We’re teaming up with Uber!

Whether it's a ride to the big game or to catch your next flight, just one tap on your phone and your car will come directly to you. Your driver will take you wherever you need to go and payment is completely cashless.

Uber is now part of our Your Extras program, so keep the rewards coming. You can opt-in to earn a $2.50 Uber trip discount, with every qualifying stay that includes at least one Sunday-Thursday night.

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How to Earn Your Extras

If you’re a Choice Privileges member, you’re ready to start earning Your Extras rewards. Not a member yet? Join for free today.

Choose your “Extra”

Select your "Extra" in your online account settings.

Book your stay

Book a point-eligible stay that includes a Sunday-Thursday night.

Receive your reward

When will it arrive? Depends on your perk. See our FAQs for details.

Change your perk

Want a different “Extra” every stay? Just update your account settings.