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Extra Rewards on Weekdays

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Get More for Weekday Stays

Enjoy your choice of a Starbucks®,® or Tim Hortons® gift card (or another Your Extras personalized benefit!) when you check in for a stay that includes at least one Sunday-Thursday night.

Your Extras Rewards

To select a Your Extras reward, go to your Choice Privileges account’s online profile page. You can always change your preference before checking in for a stay. Most of these perks will be ready for you to enjoy right after check-in!*

Your Extras at Your Fingertips

The Choice Hotels mobile app makes managing Your Extras, planning trips and redeeming rewards even easier. With the app, you can:

  • Review and change your preferred Your Extras reward
  • Check your Choice Privileges® points balance
  • Manage reservations while you’re on the go


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