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Picture perfect on a lake shore

Visitors travel to Erie for an ideal outdoor escape. The best time to visit is during the summer months, when you can idle the day away at Presque Isle State Park or cool off in the waters of Waldameer Park.

State College

Mountains as far as the eye can see

Nestled in the heart of Pennsylvania is State College, where college football is a way of life. The surrounding Appalachian Mountain range makes it easy for students, visitors and residents to explore and enjoy the natural scenery.


A favorite for outdoor enthusiasts

With a location in the mountainous Laurel Highlands region and along the Great Allegheny Passage rail trail, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventure in Somerset. Visitors also come here for the area’s historical sites and covered bridges.


Big city with a small-town feel

Located on the Susquehanna River is Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania. Along with an impressive State Capitol, there are attractions like the National Civil War Museum for history buffs and City Island for those who like to stay active.


Inspiration for all who visit

“Steel City” is perfect for visitors that want a mix of culture, history, art and outdoor activities. Pittsburgh was once a major industrial hub, attracting many inventors, entrepreneurs and educators who have left their mark on the city.


Where love rules

People call it the “City of Brotherly Love” for a reason—its cultural, artistic and historic significance makes it easy to fall for this destination. From the Liberty Bell to the steps of Rocky’s famous cry, Philly is an undisputed champion.

Explore Pennsylvania

Even though Pennsylvania is best known for its two biggest cities—Pittsburgh and Philadelphia—the state has more to offer than the bustle of a major city. The Appalachian Mountains run right through the center, giving you plenty of reason to get outdoors and stay there. History can be seen and felt wherever you go, from the German speaking regions of Amish Country to the gorgeous landscapes of Valley Forge. And when you want something sweet, you can always stop by Hersheypark for a candy bar or take a selfie in front of the Haines Shoe House.