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How can I share my experience on

If you provide a valid email address, within 48 hours of checkout you may receive a survey with an option to share feedback on regarding your most recent stay.

Why can’t I share my experience as soon as I check into a hotel?

It takes up to 48 hours after checkout for Choice to verify your stay and send the survey. We encourage you, however, to respond to that survey as soon possible so that your feedback reflects your full experience. You will have up to 14 days from when the survey is sent to respond.

Why can’t I share my experience in a foreign language? supports English, French and Spanish at this time. To find the French and Spanish versions of the website, simply go to the homepage of and click on “Language” in the upper right hand corner, where you can switch over to the French or Spanish version of the website. At this time, feedback submitted in languages other than English, French or Spanish will not be posted.

Why isn’t my feedback displaying on the website yet?

All of our surveys go through moderation to ensure they meet Choice’s guidelines. Feedback can take up to 48 hours to pass through moderation before displaying on Guests will receive an email to notify them that their feedback is displayed on the website, or alternatively, they will receive an email that explains why their feedback was rejected.

Why must Choice Hotels moderate feedback?

Choice’s guidelines are set up to ensure that all comments meet certain standards, ensuring that they are not only relevant, but also family-friendly. Any content that appears defamatory, derogatory, contains personally identifiable, legal or medical information or is deemed inappropriate according to our guidelines, will be rejected, and will therefore not be displayed on

Why was my feedback rejected?

There are various reasons your feedback may be rejected. For a full list, please see Choice’s guidelines.

How do I change my nickname?

Once you create a nickname you can’t change it. We apologize for this inconvenience, so please choose wisely.

How do I share my experience if I am not a Choice Privileges member?

If you provide a valid email and you’re not opted out of contact from Choice Hotels you will receive the survey via email after checkout and will have the opportunity to provide feedback on your stay.

How can I edit or remove my feedback?

Once submitted and approved, feedback cannot be edited. If you would like to have your experience deleted from the website please contact at us at

Does Choice Hotels screen my feedback?

All comments are moderated to ensure they are appropriate for display on according to our guidelines. Positive or negative sentiment of the comment is not a factor for determining if your review will be displayed on the website.

How do I report an inappropriate comment?

Hit the flag button underneath the comment, and we will review it again. We have technology in place and a team to moderate comments to ensure that they are, for example:

  • Left by a verified guest
  • Family-friendly
  • Posted to the correct hotel property 
  • Relevant and not defamatory or derogatory
  • In compliance with all other guidelines.

Please read our guidelines on sharing your experiences with our hotels for additional information, or to report an inappropriate comment.

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